Idaho Climate think tankFounder of the new series Idaho Climate Talks Michael Richardson came on the show to discuss the genesis for the public lecture series and the dialogue he hopes to generate around climate science. The speakers for the talks he has pulled together are all Idaho-based scientists who are doing very interesting research on climate change and what it means for Idaho’s natural systems and the economy that depends on those systems. U.S. Forest Service climate science researcher Charlie Luce is one of the speakers and joined the conversation to discuss his “Missing Mountain Water” research and the new story it tells for climate change impacts.

The first talk of the series in at the Boise Public Library on Thursday, April 10th.

Click on the link below or HERE to listen to the podcast.

Idaho Climate Talks with Michael Richardson and Charlie Luce by Building A Greener Idaho on Mixcloud

On March 26th, we recorded Building a Greener Idaho’s first Google Hangout recording, featuring video and audio, with notable resilient law experts from Idaho and Kentucky. Our conversation focuses on defining resiliency, the role of adaptive law in urban resiliency and examples of modifying legal frameworks to achieve resilient systems. Professor Tony Arnold is Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development at the University of Louisville. Arnold teaches classes in the fields of land use, water resources, environmental conservation, ecosystem conservation, farmland conservation and sustainable agriculture, property, and real estate transactions in the University of Lousiville Louis D. Brandeis School of Law and the Department of Urban and Public Affairs. Professor Arnold recently contributed a series of blog posts on the topic of resiliency to the Biophilic Cities website. Professor Arnold subsequently consolidated his blog posts into an essay titled Resilient Cities and Adaptive Law that will be included in the Idaho Law Review Symposium Edition. Barbara Cosens is a Professor of Law at the University of Idaho College of Law. Her work focuses on the integration of law and science in water resource management and included a role in the renegotiation of the Columbia River Treaty, the 1961 international agreement between Canada and the US created to manage water resources in the Columbia River Basin. Professor Stephen R. Miller, Associate Professor at the University Idaho College of Law, runs the College of Law’s Economic Development Clinic and helped coordinate the 2014 Law Review Symposium. Professor Miller contributes regular articles to the Idaho Statesman Business Insider on resiliency topics including energy efficient buildings.  

The first half of our conversation aired Tuesday April 1st on Radio Boise – 89.9 and 93.5 FM . The second half of our conversation will air Tuesday April 8th at 3 PM. Live streaming is available via the Radio Boise website. You can listen to the recorded podcast of the April 1st show, or view the video recording of the entire conversation on YouTube.




Today’s show is a conversation with senior vice president of the Urban Land Institute’s Robert C. Larson Leadership Initiative, Michael HorstClick on photo to download high resolution version and ULI Idaho District Council board member Bob Taunton. Michael and Bob together have a wealth of knowledge about the development industry locally and nationally and I will be speaking with them about ULI’s Building Healthy Places Initiative that focuses on the intersection of health and how we design and build our communities. We will also discuss a recently released report titled Ten Principles for Building Healthy Places.

As always tune in to Building a Greener Idaho at 89.9 FM or 93.5 FM or stream it live on Radio Boise’s website.

Michael Horst lives in Washington DC and was in Boise as a keynote speaker for ULI Idaho’s “Building Healthy Places” event at the Center on the Grove which took place on February 27th. Bob Taunton resides in the Treasure Valley and is president of Taunton Group LLC providing community development consulting services for the private and public sectors. The podcast of the interview will be available soon after the radio broadcast.

On the February 24th show, we spoke with Boise State University professor John Gardner about his multifaceted career in energy efficiency. John is currently the director of the Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES) Energy Efficiency Research Institute, or CEERI for short. John is also the chair of BSU’s Campus Sustainability Advisory board, serves as a Public Works Commissioner for the city of Boise, and just recently stepped down as the department chair for BSU’s mechanical engineering program. John was awarded the Fellow membership status of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, which served as the impetus for bringing him on the show. We discussed John’s history, his research initiatives for CEERI, how he’s made BSU a more sustainable campus, and what he thinks the future of energy efficiency looks like for Idaho.

Listen to the archived interview HERE [coming soon].


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