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Today’s show features guests Scott Hedrick with Scott Hedrick Construction and Joe Swindford with Energy Seal Air Barrier Systems and we’ll be discussing the recently completed 12th & River senior apartments in downtown Boise which is a 53-unit, $12 million project developed by the non-profit Mercy Housing Northwest as affordable housing for seniors 55 and older.

The 12th & River Senior Housing achieved the highest level of LEED certification (Platinum) with the highest number of points of any LEED for Homes project in Idaho. In the process of upgrading the insulation package the insulation sub contractor, Energy Seal, developed a new dense pack assembly that they tested and got approved as a new UL listing.  Tune in to our discussion on what makes the project unique and sustainable.RP4200 Picture

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Financing A Greener Idaho


Today’s guest is Lauren MacMillan of of Seattle Northwest Securities.

We’ll be talking about how her group helps municipalities finance green infrastructure programs in Idaho and across the Pacific Northwest. Tune in at noon to listen to us talk about green infrastructure financing and what her firm is working in the region.

You can also download a podcast of our conversation.

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Tune in today for my chat with native Idahoan Bill Fay with the Energy Efficient Code Coalition based out of Washington DC. Bill has an extensive background in public policy from his work on Capitol Hill and we’ll be talking about energy codes and the benefits to owners of energy efficient homes.

Bill Fay

Energy Efficient Code Coalition | EECC
Washington D.C.
William Fay concurrently leads two broad-based national coalitions advocating for building energy efficiency:• The Building Energy Efficient Codes Network (BEECN), which focuses on national initiatives before Congress, federal/state/local governments, the media and others; and• The Energy Efficient Codes Coalition (EECC), which works within the ICC’s national energy code development process and authored “The 30% Solution,” which will employ available, “state-of-the-shelf” technologies to boost the 2012 energy efficiency codes for homes by 30%.

With over 28 years in the nation’s capital, Fay has organized, managed, and led industry trade associations and national coalitions. He has a strong background in energy, environmental, transportation, tax and natural resource policy and regulation. His experience on Capitol Hill included working in both the US Senate and House of Representatives, with Members of Congress who served on the Senate Appropriations, Energy & Natural Resources, Environment & Public Works, and Finance Committees and the House Transportation & Infrastructure, Resources and Agriculture Committees.


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