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Residential buildings account for approximately 21% of U.S. primary energy use. Not surprisingly, energy efficiency experts are focusing more efforts on reducing the energy consumption of our dwellings. My guests today examine this important topic as we discuss green home trends and valuation and residential energy codes.

Fiona Douglas-Hamilton

Fiona Douglas-Hamilton, Principal at SEEC Solutions.

Fiona Douglas-Hamilton, Principal at SEEC solutions in Rainier Washington, was a pioneering green builder in the mid 2000’s. Fiona’s experience embracing green building practices as a builder and early adopter have provided her with a unique and informed perspective. Our discussion focuses on the sales and valuation side of residential buildings. Fiona explains how she came to understand the importance of an informed appraisal and sales force for increasing the adoption of green building practices. “Early on, I understood that one of the most important groups we can train is appraisers and real estate brokers” explains Douglas-Hamilton.

Sharon Patterson Grant

Sharon Patterson Grant, Owner at Eco Edge

Sharon Patterson Grant, owner at Eco Edge in Ketchum Idaho, is an energy efficiency and sustainability expert and green building consultant. Our conversation focuses on residential energy codes in Idaho. First, we discuss a recent survey that Sharon helped design and implement. The first of it’s kind, the 2013 Idaho Home Owner Survey on Energy Efficiency identifies Idaho homeowner values towards residential energy codes and efficiency. The big takeaway, 65% of Idaho home owners support keeping Idaho residential building codes consistent with national standards.

Next we discuss the current state of energy codes in Idaho and the energy code adoption process at the state and local levels. Patterson Grant explains that the State is responsible for setting the minimum standards that all new construction most comply with. Individual cities and jurisdictions have the option to adopt higher performance standards. She goes on to inform the listener that three municipalities in Idaho, Ketchum, Idaho Falls and Ammon are currently in the process of adopting residential energy codes above the current State mandate.


Our interview will air on Radio Boise 12-16-2014. You can listen to live shows by tuning in to Radio Boise Tuesdays @ 3 PM on 89.9 FM or 93.5 FM in the Treasure Valley. Or stream online @ http://www.radioboise.org. A podcast of this show will be available following the radio broadcast.

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