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Our theme of From Snow to Flow continues this week with a conversation about the Boise River with Idaho Fish and Game Regional Fisheries Manager Joe Kozfkay and Freshwater Trust Idaho Program Manager Christy Meyer. Our beloved Boise River brings life to the high desert and flows through the heart of the city on it’s way to meet the Snake. The Boise River is an incredible asset that has been taken for granted in the past. These days many individuals and groups are working hard to protect and improve its health and vitality.

We’ll talk with Joe about the Boise River fishery, how the river ran dry one day, and his favorite fish to catch. Christy will share the great work the Boise River Enhancement Network (BREN) is doing to continually improve its health and protect it from threats like the encroachment of development. BREN recently helped complete an in-stream aquatic habitat enhancement project that might just be helping little brown trout babies find shelter from these recent high flows.

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In space, Astronauts aboard the international space station capture, recycle and reuse all the water available to them.

We’re not THAT advanced with water recycling yet in Idaho, but water recycling in different forms is already occurring here in state.

Tune in today at 3pm for a conversation between Remington and Chas Ariss and Tressa Nicholas from Idaho DEQ’s Water Quality Division and learn about purple pipes, TMDLs, NPDES primacy and beneficial reuses of water in Idaho.

We’re talking water reuse and what everyone should know about how communities can re-engineer waste water for reuse to help build a greener Idaho.

Click the link below to listen to the 30 minute podcast.

Recycled Water in Idaho by Building A Greener Idaho on Mixcloud

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