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For both our December 2012 and January 2013 session, our show featured Heather Burpe who talked about her ongoing “Targeting 100! How Healthcare Can Meet the 2030 Challenge” research project.

Targeting 100! is a roadmap that lays the groundwork for achieving exceptionally energy efficient hospitals in the most diverse climate regions and most populous centers of the U.S. Named Targeting 100! for its goal of reducing energy by 60% from typical operational examples to less than 100 KBtu/SF Yr, this research opens a path to achieve these aggressive goals in practice. Through detailed energy and cost models, Targeting 100! shows that it is possible to meet the 2030 Challenge across the U.S. with very little incremental cost increase.  Inspired by low energy examples world-wide and input from industry experts, overarching strategies for achieving this goal include high interior environmental quality, goal setting, energy benchmarking & tracking, and integrated teams & strategies. The team will present and discuss approaches, results, suggested strategies through a digital tool developed for implementing Targeting 100!

To listen to the archived interview, click here.

To read more about the Targetting 100! project, click here.

Heather Burpee is a Health Design Specialist at University of Washington’s Integrated Design Lab. She consults leading health design firms in the Northwest on best practices for high quality, energy efficient design for hospitals and manages the research, Targeting 100!.


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