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Photo: Snake River Alliance

It’s clean air month on Building a Greener Idaho and today I speak with Chad Worth with the Snake River Alliance and Beau Husfloen from Bluebird Solar and Light about the Solarize the Valley program. What does clean energy have to do with clean air? C’mon, our listeners (YOU) know the answer to that question!

Solarize the Valley 2.0 just kicked off for a second year with a goal of installing 250 kilowatts of clean solar energy on rooftops of homes and businesses across the valley. Chad and Beau will discuss the details of the program including why it’s a great time to go solar and how participants will get the best pricing, warranties and service as they invest in our collective clean energy future.

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Idaho Power has proposed new rules to the Idaho Public Utility Commission concerning how it wants to operate it’s net-metering program. The proposed changes follow the announcement that Idaho Power would like to temporarily suspend two popular consumer electricity demand-response programs.

Courtney White

Courtney White

Net-metering allows Idaho Power customers who generate their own electricity (through wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, biomass or fuel cell installations), to sell excess power back into the grid and receive compensation for it. Under proposed rule changes, Idaho Power will double the total number of power that is permitted to be generated by net-metering, but it will also quadruple the service fees that net-metering users pay to access the Idaho Power grid. Net-metering users will also no longer receive direct compensation for the power they generate, but will instead receive yearly credits that can be redeemed for power use if and when users draw electricity from Idaho Power’s grid. The credits expire at the end of the fiscal year.

Join us for a conversation with Courtney White, a local homeowner with a solar installation that participates in the net-metering program to hear about her experiences with the program and what the proposed rule changes mean to her and for all Idaho Power users concerned about increasing the supply of clean energy generation in our state.

You can also download a podcast of our conversation.

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