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Haley Falconer doesn’t train falcons – at least at this point – but she does work to help meet the City of Boise’s goal to become the most livable city in the country. I spoke with Haley about her role as the Sustainability Coordinator and Boise’s first “LIVability Report” she has been developing that will be released in April. We discuss the background of LIV Boise, the LIVability Report, and the myriad of programs and goals a sustainability coordinator for a city helps to advance.


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Gary FULLTuesday, July 1st at 3pm on Building a Greener Idaho we talk with Gary Toth the Senior Director for Transportation Initiatives for the Project for Public Spaces. Are our streets, roads and highways simply there to move people and goods from point A to point B? Or do we need to view our transportation infrastructure through the lenses of economic development, creating community, and welcoming to multiple modes of transportation including bicycles and pedestrians? What are the greater societal goals for our transportation infrastructure and how can we have productive dialogue between the diverse stakeholders to achieve solutions that meet the greater good through transportation planning? Gary is a transportation “geek” who has spent a career as a transportation engineer with the New Jersey Department of Transportation and his wealth of experience provides a unique perspective into transportation planning in the 21st century.

Gary led a dialogue with leaders from the Idaho Transportation Department, the Ada County Highway District and business and civic leaders as part of the Context Sensitive Solutions collaborative happening across the country to help deal with challenging transportation infrastructure issues.

I am joined by Mr. Scot Oliver, Executive Director of Idaho Smart Growth, for this conversation with Mr. Toth. Tune in as usual at 3pm on Tuesdays in the Treasure Valley at 93.5 FM, 89.9 FM or stream the show online at www.radioboise.org. The podcast of our full interview will be available on this blog shortly after the interview airs on Radio Boise.



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