The 9th annual Northwest Climate Conference was recently held in Boise and Kate Gordon Gave the keynote opening address. Kate delivered a talk titled “Risks and Opportunities for Idaho in a Changing Climate.”



Homelessness, rental affordability and equality, and home ownership. These are the three main problems that an agency tasked with managing housing and urban development in the U.S. must address according to Henry Cisneros, former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Secretary Cisneros worked diligently on these issues while he led HUD through an era of sweeping reform during the Clinton administration. Although these are daunting challenges, Cisneros was no stranger to the task when he accepted his post as Secretary. Coming from a successful tenure as Councilmen and Mayor of San Antonio, Texas, Cisneros was at the helm of a major urban Renaissance that saw San Antonio blossom into a community of national presence. San Antonio was named an All American City during his 8 year stint as Mayor. In addition to promoting economic growth in the business sector, Cisneros did not neglect the City’s less fortunate populations. He successfully led large infrastructure investments in the poorer, mostly Hispanic, west side neighborhoods. Artfully leveraging the rising tide to lift all boats, Secretary Cisneros left a positive and lasting impact on one of America’s major, now flourishing, urban centers.

Much progress was made in housing and urban development issues during Cisneros term with HUD and since, but there is still work to do. Recently, Cisneros co-authored the book “Building Equitable Cities” to illuminate our current challenges, and a path to resolve them. Secretary Cisneros visited Boise last week to share his expertise and ideas. He addressed members of the Urban Land Institute, and met with key leaders including Mayor Bieter. Join our conversation Tuesday July 24th at 3 pm on Radio Boise to learn what Henry Cisneros has to say about the state of U.S. urban development in Boise and beyond.

Former Secretary of HUD, and Mayor of San Antonio Henry Cisneros

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Anyone who’s ever been in a plane staring out the window on the landscape below knows that feeling of gaining a new perspective of the land, a city or place. Whether it makes you feel smaller in our large world, more connected to the place, or simply inspired by the beauty – it can’t be denied that flying changes your perspectives.

Bruce GordonJane PargiterOn this episode of Building a Greener Idaho I speak with Bruce Gordon and Jane Pargiter from EcoFlight who have been doing “conservation flying” missions across the United States and the world to help educate and bring new perspective to a diverse audience about a wide range of conservation issues. I snagged them for a short conversation while they were passing through Boise flying missions with the Idaho Conservation League. Whether it’s flying journalists, politicians or representatives of community groups, their job is to get people up in the air in small aircraft for an intimate experience and a new perspective of the landscape and the issues that affect our land, air, water and communities.

Join us Tuesdays at 3pm on Radio Boise at 89.9 FM or 93.5 FM in the Treasure Valley. Or stream us online at http://www.radioboise.org.  Got an idea for a show? We’d love to hear about it! Contact us at buildingagreeneridaho@gmail.com

ellis_family-85 copyMy name is Jennifer Ellis.  I am a parent of two boys who attend Longfellow Elementary School in the Boise School District.  I participated in the Yes for Boise Schools Campaign last year and was very pleased at the Boise community voter turnout and approval rate of the Bond.  It has been one year since the election and I thought it would be great to share an update on the Bond progress. I also thought it would be great to start a dialogue about the future of the Boise school district operations as it pertains to investing in sustainable, high performing and healthy spaces for our children’s learning environments.


Join us today May 29th at 3 pm as I discuss with our guests the Boise School District Bond and sustainability across the district facilities. As always catch the conversation on 89.9 FM or 93.5 FM in the Treasure Valley or stream it online at www.radioboise.org.

Guests include:


Sue Lovelace,  Campaign Manager Co-Chair Yes for Boise Schools Campaign

Boise School District:  Ryan Hill, Communications Specialist; Coby Dennis, Deputy Superintendent of Boise School District; Chris Taylor, Science, Social Studies, and Computer Science Supervisor, Sustainability Committee Chair and Gracie Ward, Boise High School Senior

boise school logoFind out about Boise School District Bond Progress here





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