TBoise High garbageoday I speak with Boise High teacher Anna Daley and students Kaitlyn “Skippy” Lindholm and Karthick Mouli about sustainability initiatives and leadership at the school. One initiative that is bringing their community together around sustainability is a campus “Big Read” of the book “Garbology”. I’ll talk with my guests about how the book is engaging their community around the issues of consumption and waste in our society. We’ll also discuss the upcoming Boise High Sustainability Summit and their goal to bring either Bea Johnson from Zero Waste Home or Mary Crowley from Project Kaisei to the summit as a key note speaker. Read here for more information on that campaign.

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greenbelt fallBoise and it’s civic leaders have a long history of conserving open space, cleaning up and protecting the Boise River, and providing a wide range of recreation opportunities that many people believe make this small northwest city one of the most desirable places to live. That history goes back decades with countless individuals working collectively to create the Boise we know today.

On October 21st Boise lost one of the civic leaders who had a great influence in creating the Boise River Greenbelt and in preserving the Boise Foothills when Ken Pursley passed away in a boating accident pursuing one of his passions in the Amazon Basin. My guest is Jeff Fereday, one of Ken’s long time friends and colleagues, and we discuss Ken’s efforts to preserve what he loved about Boise and Idaho.

Boise, Idaho. Skyline with foothills beyond in the spring.I also speak with Martin Balben, a representative of the Boise Clean Water and Open Space Campaign on which Boise citizens are voting on November 3rd at the polls. We discuss the ballot measure and how the $10 million will be administered on behalf of Boise citizens if it does pass.

Check out our conversation about Boise’s history of open space preservation, one of it’s influential champions, and the current proposal to continue that work with a new levy.

Ken Pursley and Boise's Open Space by Building A Greener Idaho on Mixcloud

Climate change means different things to different people. The effects of a changing climate will impact our communities, cities, economy and environment in different ways. Many different groups that have been working separately to address climate change issues are convening through different forums this week in Boise to discuss what climate change means collectively for our community. Building A Greener Idaho is discussing Idaho’s Climate Action Community and public engagement activities planned for this week in Boise that center on climate change activism.

jDunn_(2)Jake returned to Boise and discussed his experience working with the architecture firm Eskew Dumez & Ripple (EDR) in New Orleans to advance sustainable and energy efficient design. He was recruited by EDR out of the University of Idaho Integrated Design Lab where he worked as an Architectural Simulation Specialist helping the private sector learn about and implement design strategies for daylighting and energy efficiency.

We were bummed to lose Jake as a co-host of Building a Greener Idaho when he left for New Orleans, but glad to see him doing important work out in the private sector designing high performance, green buildings and experiencing the culture of the Big Easy.


Building a Corporate Culture of Sustainability with Jake Dunn by Building A Greener Idaho on Mixcloud


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