Sunny Genz has long thought that there are more conscientious ways to live than the average American lifestyle. Perhaps is stems from her upbringing with a mom who was environmentally aware. Perhaps it’s just part of who she is. Either way, the Treasure Valley benefits from her motivation to support sustainable living.

Sunny became fascinated with the Ecovillage concept after learning about sustainable Earthship buildings. She then made it her mission to establish the first urban Ecovillage in the Boise area. So what exactly is an Ecovillage? From the Boise Ecovillage website – An Ecovillage is a sustainable community living in harmony with the earth and with each other through green building, renewable energy, shared governance, and permaculture principles.

Through her interests in developing an Ecovillage, Genz made contact with Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage founder and sustainable living guru Ma’ikwe Ludwig. Ma’ikwe is currently on a speaking tour, and Sunny and the Boise State University Sustainability Club have arranged a stop for her in Boise. Ludwig will speak at the Sustainable is Possible event hosted at Boise State September 4th and 5th. There will be a free public presentation and film, as well as two in depth workshops. You can find out more about the Sustainable is possible event on Facebook, and register to attend online.

Sunny Genz 8-20-15

Sunny Genz Promoting the Boise Ecovillage Project

You can listen to live shows by tuning in to Radio Boise Tuesdays @ 3 PM on 89.9 FM or 93.5 FM in the Treasure Valley. Or stream online @ http://www.radioboise.org. Our interview with Sunny aired on Radio Boise 8-18-2015. Use the player below to listen to a podcast of the show.

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Sustainable is Possible, but it Takes a Village by Building A Greener Idaho on Mixcloud

BUGS Director Erin Guerricabeitia

Erin Guerricabeitia (say that 3 times fast you non Basquos!) has impacted many kids, adults and neighborhoods across the Boise area in the last 4 years as the Boise Urban Garden School Director. Now she and her organization are poised to grow (no pun intended) and advance local food production, garden literacy, and healthy eating habits through a new partnership with Boise Parks and Recreation.

As part of Boise’s overall goal of creating the most livable city in the country and to do it with the triple bottom line in mind, together BUGS and Parks and Rec saw an opportunity to advance their common goals through a new partnership.

Tuesday, August 4th at 3 pm I speak with Erin about the history of BUGS and the evolution of the organization as she carries the mission forward to “grow healthy communities and inquiring minds”. Tune in to hear about the exciting projects, programs, and opportunities Erin and BUGS have to build a greener Idaho.

BUGS and their Boise Urban Garden Evolution by Building A Greener Idaho on Mixcloud

Lori Porreca and Miguel Gaddi in the empty BIM space

Photo: Adam Cotterell

Lori Porreca and Miguel Gaddi opened the Boise International Market in October of 2014 after years of work turning their vision into reality. They transformed a vacant strip mall on the Boise Bench into a thriving international small business incubator and multicultural community hub. They saw the need to create a space for Boise’s diverse population to gather, start small businesses, and share their unique offerings with the broader Boise community.

Boise International Market

Photo by Miguel Gaddi

I am excited to speak with Lori and Miguel Tuesday July 28th at 3pm about the story behind their vision and the progress they have made over the last 9 months. We’ll discuss topics including the community need they saw, how they chose the location and building, the process of renovation, and how they recruited tenants to create a bustling community center with a variety of international vendors.

As always, tune in to Building a Greener Idaho at 3pm live on Radio Boise 93.5 FM or 89.9 FM in the Treasure Valley or stream it live on http://radioboise.us/. The podcast will be available on this blog after the show. Thanks for listening!

How do music, literature and other forms of art help create a sense of place? Can a city built on rock and roll be diverse, inclusive and structurally sound!? Building A Greener Idaho is exploring the intersection of planning, community and place making as seen through the lens of popular art and as told by students at Boise State University.

Thi show is a discussion about how open space amenities and mobility to and through these spaces add to the cultural capital of a city. The show is produced and brought to you by students Juli McCoy, Promise Ahmadi, Ron Garnys and Jackie Hutchens, along with special guest interviewee, Dave Fostch.

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